Ruth Hirsch

Healing through Focusing

The art of allowing awareness

Whether you are looking to learn Focusing to improve your own quality of life or that of your clients, or both, you are most likely a student of life.

As a layperson, you see healing and growing as a priority in your life.
You want to feel more connected to a voice deep within.
You want to experience more peace and ease.

As a Healing Arts professional, you see your work as an art.
You want to help others be at peace with themselves.
You want to allow them to live fuller, more satisfying lives.

You may be a curious soul, a therapist, life coach, educator, counselor or health professional who has a life-long passion to learn and grow. You are committed to a spiritual path and strive to improve your skills and knowledge in order to better help yourself and others.

You may:

  • Want better results with your clients
  • Feel that something is missing in your therapeutic “tool-kit” but don’t know what
  • Want to feel more connected and integrated within your own body, mind, heart and spirit
  • Want to learn how to facilitate this process for your clients
  • Want to help your clients move beyond stuck places to live more satisfying and productive lives
  • Feel the challenge of maintaining your own balance as you work with clients to achieve theirs
  • Desire to feel less burned out and more nurtured and fulfilled by your work

And yet…

You could be confused and frustrated from attempts to help your clients connect with their feelings – or to connect with your own. You might have tried a variety of options for healing your own physical and emotional issues and these didn’t seem to access the core of the issues or the depth of understanding you know is there. While some granted temporary relief, this tended not to last.

My Focusing trainings and workshops are designed for you.

Find your possibilities

Focusing can be used alone or with a partner as a self-help technique, or it can be combined with other approaches to personal growth and healing such as psychotherapy, coaching or bodywork.

Focusing can enhance your work with clients, improving outcomes while you nurture and deepen your relationship with yourself. All this with less effort and wear and tear on you, emotionally and energetically.

Teaching for all levels and integrated programs offer:

  • Pre-scheduled video-conferencing for groups and individuals
  • Convenient scheduling for your private group of 3-10 participants
  • Ample time devoted to the practice and experience of the work
  • Custom tailoring to the varying skill levels and interests of participants

“Thinking in the usual way, alone, can be objectively true and powerful. But, when put in touch with what the body already knows and lives, it becomes vastly more powerful.” —Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D, Psychologist & Philosopher

Learn Focusing: Trainings, Workshops & Seminars

The Core Focusing Training Program
Includes the integrated Focusing Basics Program and Intermediate-Advanced Focusing Training

Advanced Training
For Graduates of The Core Focusing Training Program or the equivalent, includes a 12-week Supervision and Practicum Seminar

Certification Program
Become a Certified Focusing Professional & Trainer

Healing the Inner Critic
This four session experiential workshop incorporates a variety of exercises and approaches to heal what is often an unwitting inner saboteur

Focusing for Bodyworkers & Somatic Therapists
Integrating or adding Focusing to your bodywork or somatic therapy practice can greatly enhance the healing and transformational potential of your work

Deepening your Spirituality with Focusing
Workshops appropriate for anyone interested in deepening their connection with themselves and with Jewish spirituality