Ruth Hirsch

Healing through Focusing

Counseling, Coaching and Training to
Go Beyond Yourself

If you’re like me, you sense that there is more.
More you could do for yourself. For your clients. For the world.

You yearn to enhance the connection between body, mind, heart and spirit.
You’d like a tool to access deeper self-reflection and knowing.
On your own and with others.
You long to be more in tune with yourself or to help your clients to do the same.

That is what I offer you.

A place where body, mind & soul come together

A way to go beyond yourself and your limited thinking.
The courage to face and make peace with your inner fears.
A chance to find more meaning in life through connecting with your feelings and bodily knowing.

The way there is called Focusing.

Focusing is an experiential technique to help you tune in to YOU and see yourself, your experiences, your feelings anew.
I practice Focusing myself. I facilitate Focusing for my private clients..
I teach Focusing to other therapists. I even train healing professionals to teach Focusing. I do all this with acceptance, allowing, curiosity and compassion.

All of my past education and training in multiple healing modalities has led me here.
To help you heal and grow through Focusing.

More whole. More life. More you.

I am confident, by learning Focusing and using it to connect with your deepest self, you will feel more whole and have so much more to bring to your life – your work – your relationships – your self.

You’ll also be able to receive more from life. From your practice. From the world.

“The secret of creating peace is that when you listen to another person you have only one purpose: to offer him an opportunity to open his heart.” —Thich Nhat Hanh


  • You are committed to your own personal growth and healing
  • You value finding meaning in life
  • You want to live life more fully, richly
  • You want to make the world a better place
  • Holistic approaches to health and healing resonate for you
  • You want to proactively create the next chapter of your life in a way that works for you practically, emotionally and spiritually
  • You’re intelligent, inquisitive and motivated to learn and grow personally and professionally
  • You’re tired of not trusting yourself or your decisions
  • You’ve tried self-help techniques, meditation and seminars that haven’t really changed things in the profound way that you know is possible
  • You want to heal, to change, to grow
  • Your heart yearns to share this gift with others

…then this work is for you.
And it facilitates a connection to a place deep within you.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” —Anais Nin

Discover your possibilities

Guided Focusing Sessions
For those wanting to experience Focusing One-to-One in a safe, supportive environment

Focusing Oriented Therapy
For those wishing to make a longer-term investment in their personal growth and healing

Focusing Training Programs
For laypeople and professionals in the healing arts — such as psychotherapists, coaches and body workers — in all stages of learning Focusing

“The list of what I have learned from Ruth is very long and only exceeded by the gratitude I feel to her for teaching me. I recommend her without qualification to colleagues, friends and anyone who might wish to work with her.” —Nick Head, MA, CFT, IL

A bit about me

I’m Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, Focusing Trainer, Focusing Oriented Therapist and Spiritual mentor. I help people, who value finding meaning in life, live more fully.

My work evolved from an inner yearning to find meaning and peace in the midst of everyday life and trauma, combined with wanting to help bring deep healing and growth to others.

I specialize in working with Psychotherapists, Coaches and others wanting to deepen their own inner work and learn a process to optimize their work with clients.

My work embodies the premise that the best healing and growth happen when the whole being — body, mind, heart and spirit — are included in the process and when the values of caring, mutual respect and safety are implicit.

If this resonates with you, connect with me here — or learn more about my work.